Thoughts On Live From Madison Square Garden

When talking about these recurring and popular styles of “Live Event” such as Beast In The East or Live From Madison Square Garden, you have to be wary. Regardless of the promotional dressing WWE like to put on these events, they aren’t by any means a pay-per view. I don’t want to call it a glorified house show, because that demeans both house shows and these specials, but at its core, it really was just a jumped up house show.

I bring the category of the show up in correlation to expectation. House shows are booked a dime a dozen, there’ll be several in each city the WWE travel to and in nearly all cases, they hold no key importance to any stories. It’s because of this that we should just enjoy the ones that make it to the Network for what they are. We’re seemingly only getting them because Brock’s on the card and rightfully so; if the guy wants to visit Japan, or make a bit of cash working Madison Square Garden, then good on him. I just wanted a little disclaimer before I got into the article itself – maybe that could clear up to some why it felt like Raw, just with a Brock Lesnar fight.

I’ve chosen three matches to write about for the article. It might have been four if my drunken dorm-mate hadn’t decided to knock on my door and have a grand old chat with me during the tag-title match. In case any of you were wondering: he wanted to know if I’d walk him to get pizza. He then saw I was watching wrestling through the door and without leaving, started requesting recommendations for matches he should watch. I suggested he watch CM Punk vs. The Rock (Royal Rumble 2013) and Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (Royal Rumble 2015).

Madison Square

Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho – I’m going to be honest, I was pretty unsure of who was going to win this. A major swerve could have quite easily been to put the title on Jericho. This was only made more viable by Jericho cutting a promo about his 25 years in the business. I was kind of worried for Owens, but, as the match went on, I realised he was just being good-old Jericho and making our little KO look like the star he is.

The match was interesting, if not a little short, with a great moment of Owens breaking a pin via the ropes. What I really wanted, though, was a Codebreaker somehow reversed into a powerbomb. It seems like something that could have worked if the momentum was going the right way. Fast thing goes forward, strong man pushes fast thing up, fast thing comes down even faster, so the equation would go.

Some people may not like the ending, but I find it to be kind of fitting. We know Owens can fight; he’s beaten John Cena clean to prove such a thing. What makes his character interesting is the fact he feels the need to poke his opponent in the eye for a quick win. It’s the classic heel thing to do, lose by disqualification, quick roll-up, discrete low-blow, the list goes on. In another universe, I feel that Kevin Owens could have quite easily filled the shoes of Seth Rollins. There’s absolutely no need for such a swap right now, but when the time comes, he’s going to be the perfect bad-guy champion. That being said, I hope this eye-poking malarkey doesn’t finish every title defense, because it just isn’t necessary and can sometimes really ruin a good fight.

Owens Jericho

Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show – This is the match we all tuned in to see, and in comparison to the main event, it understandably went on where it did, second from last. We came to see Brock Lesnar do Brock Lesnar things, and that’s exactly what we got. From kicking out of three Chokeslams, to a returning play-time with Big Show’s carcass.

There really isn’t much to say, the match was in the same vein as Brock vs. Kofi, or the beat down he gave to both Bo Dallas and Michael Cole. There was a bit of resistance given by the Big Show as you’d expect, I mean, the guy is 7ft, 400lbs for God’s sake. What I did liked was the three chokeslams, it really made an impact on me. Not only was he getting up after each one, but it made me think “Is the third one going to put him down for the pin?” It didn’t, and as JBL stated, there aren’t many people who kick out of one, yet Brock’s beast-hood was on show when he kicked out of all three.

I was expecting some kind of event to occur during the Brock Lesnar appearance, especially as he came back to play with Big Show for a little bit afterwards. Undertaker could’ve come out, a gong could’ve sounded, but then again, these things are a bit old-hat at this point. We know they’re fighting, it’s the third time this era and it’ll culminate at Hell In A Cell. Brock’s on Raw tomorrow, so we’ll get some kind of promo which will lead to a confrontation on the go-home show. Concluded with the fight, two pay-cheques and the disappearance of both until WrestleMania, job done for the part-timers.

Brock Show

John Cena vs. Seth Rollins – I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t starting to get bored with Cena vs. Rollins, however, the steel cage match surprised me. I don’t know why I had seemingly low expectations, but it was just a genuinely good match which had me hooked from the mid-point. Then of course Kane came out and the interest level dropped down a level. Drop it down even further when I somehow mistook Kane’s theme for Daniel Bryan’s… I Still don’t know how I managed that.

It was your basic steel cage match, no changes here, particularly with John “I won’t ever fucking run away from a fight” Cena. I don’t remember the last time Cena climbed over the cage to win, but don’t take my word for it because he probably did that in the last cage match he was in. I don’t know why it angers me, because it’s wrestling, but for goodness sake just climb the darn cage and stop being a nancy boy. Seth “Oh, John, my hair, please let go of my hair” Rollins, if you want that title enough, you’ll get yourself some extensions. What one is it, the hair or the title?

Who are we kidding, Seth Rollins could springboard off the top-rope and out the cage in one bound. Although, then we wouldn’t get the cage-side theatrics and Rollins being pinned by Cena, which I also didn’t like. I mean, yes, it happens, the Cena win was inevitable, but it sure was a weird situation. Kane comes out while Seth’s 15ft in the air, somehow his only choice is risk it all and jump onto Cena. No! No it is not, why would you not just save yourself the possibility of losing the match by jumping on Kane, thus exiting the cage. Because this is wrestling, that’s why, and in this timeframe Kane is a force to be reckoned with. In the universe of wrestling, Kane could have easily grabbed Rollins and destroyed him on the outside, but hey, at least he’d have won the title.

Instead, Rollins missed a massive jump to Cena, gets pinned after an AA and is then decimated by Kane. He’s now lost the chance at the U.S title and his dignity, but at least Kane left his WWE Championship behind. For now…

Cena Rollins I

Overall, I enjoyed Live From Madison Square Garden, I thought it was a fun little event that gives us something else to talk about. I’ll have to go back and re-watch that tag match though, as I still have no idea who won. If you feel like it, explain to me what happened in the comments, I’d love to get your take; particularly as New Day are such big hits recently. Other than that, I look forward to seeing Brock on Raw and to also finding out which matches will take priority over being inside a cell.

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The Warrior Award

This past Monday on Raw it was announced that a new wing to the WWE Hall of Fame would be created, for recipients of The Warrior Award. The first inductee into this new wing will be Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, a young fan who is very well-known throughout the wrestling world. Unfortunately, Connor passed away last April due to brain and spinal cancer, but because of the effect his enthusiasm had on the business, WWE are honouring him with The Warrior Award. I think that it’s a truly heartwarming gesture coming from the WWE and to present it directly to Connor’s father, Steve, just says that much more about the company.

I have to say that ever since I saw the video of Connor getting backstage to meet Daniel Bryan, I had so much respect for the boy. From four years old he’d been diagnosed with a rare case of cancer which affected his brain and spine. There was a video released a while later which showed Connor’s trip to the WWE before WrestleMania XXX. He met all the wrestlers, performed his entrance with Daniel Bryan and even pinned Triple H, clean. Then, during the close of WrestleMania him and Daniel Bryan had a moment between them in front of thousands of people. Daniel whispered some motivational words to Connor and they shared a hug. Sadly, it would be a few weeks after this experience when Connor passed away.

Connor Tag Team

Hopefully this doesn’t get mistaken for me disapproving to the idea of Connor Michalek being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I think it’s great and regardless of the creation of this new wing, I would have still wanted him to go in. However, there have of course been some naysayers, mostly due to the fact that people think WWE interpreted The Ultimate Warrior’s speech wrong. A quote given by the WWE can be seen below, I personally think it fits perfectly; yet some think it originates from a miscommunication between The Ultimate Warrior and WWE, arguably taking the essence of what he said out of context.

Someone who has exhibited unwavering strength and perseverance, and who lives life with the courage and compassion that embodies the indomitable spirit of the late WWE Hall of Famer, The Ultimate Warrior.

It really is a shame to think that people are actually upset with the result of the induction. The death of a young Connor Michalek is being celebrated and people are still complaining. Fair enough, during his hall of fame speech Warrior may have been talking about people such as production crew, stage setup, merchandising and workers who suffer the same conditions as the wrestlers. But just because Connor is the first recipient of The Warrior Award, doesn’t mean there isn’t time for the unsung heroes of the production team to get their praise. Connor is a great start and although I wouldn’t put it past WWE to use this as a publicity stunt, it doesn’t mean I’m going to question who they plan on inducting in the future.


On Saturday March 28th, at the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame, Both Daniel Bryan, Connor’s favourite wrestler and Dana Warrior, the widow of The Ultimate Warrior will present Steve Michalek with The Warrior Award. I think it’s a great start to this new wing of the WWE Hall of Fame and hope that the main impact of the first induction will be to raise awareness for Connor’s Cure. are even selling Connor’s Cure bracelets with all of the proceeds going directly to the charity.

The question is, who will the next inductee be? Will it be a member of the backstage crew? Or will it be a close relation to the company? Some suggestions I’ve seen floating around have included Mick Foley for all his charitable endeavors, or even Diamond Dallas Page for his incredible work with Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall. It’s also interesting to look into what the next homage event could be. Last year we saw the creation of The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, this year we see the first recipient of The Warrior Award. What could next year hold?

Scott and DDP

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Four Things We’ve Learnt From Fast Lane

Last Sunday marked the inaugural Fast Lane pay-per view held by the WWE. I can’t say that I’m overly impressed by the show, but what I can say is that it fully met my expectations; it’s just a shame those expectations were sitting on the floor of my living room. Luckily it was free to view on Sky One, which justified me watching the event regardless of its undesirable and downright predictable ending. Now that we’re so close to WrestleMania, I thought It’d be fitting to write about four things Fast Lane has taught us. In fairness, I had around ten that I wanted to write about, but I condensed it down to four. Only because the other six I either wasn’t interested in or didn’t feel were eligible enough for me to elaborate on without it feeling forced.

WWE will face WCW:  The first, and arguably most obvious of the seven things, is that Triple H (WWE) will be facing Sting (WCW) at WrestleMania. This match was first teased as of Survivor Series last November and has been built up ever since. Triple H and Sting clashed in a confrontation at Fast Lane which resulted in Sting holding Triple H at bat-point and pointing to the WrestleMania sign. That’s all it took to confirm that two of the biggest stars in pro-wrestling history would face off on the grandest stage of them all.

There’s just a few questions surrounding it: Is Sting going over? I’d assume so, otherwise what’s the point in the match, just to feed Hunter’s ego? It makes sense to have him fight Triple H, who else is there? Unless they’re going to bring The Rock back, the only other guy is Undertaker and he’s clearly booked with Wyatt, which we’ll come to later. It’s also been almost a year since Triple H has performed and God knows how long since Sting has performed at a “WrestleMania worthy” level, which begs the question of how well these men will mesh together. Both of them are pretty adaptable, which is why they’ve been around for so long, and if this is allegedly Sting’s final match then I want it to do his entire career the justice that it deserves. However, my preferred scenario would be that Sting doesn’t retire, but appears every few years as an omnipotent presence whose sole purpose is to rectify any wrong-doings, similar to the current situation.

Sting Bat

Bray Wyatt is this generation’s Undertaker: I wrote in my previous Fast Lane article that I had hoped for some kind of reference to The Undertaker. Well, what’s more of a reference than his rival at WrestleMania literally imitating his entire ring entrance? Nothing, that’s what, it was exactly what I wanted to kick-start this feud five weeks before its payoff. The only issue with this is that The Undertaker isn’t reported to have any appearances on Raw leading up to WrestleMania, this is reminiscent of his WrestleMania XX feud where he only showed up to the match itself. That’s fair enough, if that’s the schedule he’s going for, but that means Wyatt is going to have to rely solely on the match itself to get himself over. He’ll either need to win, or he’ll need a major rubbing effect during the course of the match to come out of this as the stronger competitor.

This is The Undertaker we’re talking about though, the man is the legendary “Locker Room Leader” who will do anything for the business or younger talent. This means that regardless of who is going to win, Wyatt should gain a massive push in momentum from the match alone, if done well. The one issue is that this match could have similar effects to Wyatt’s last WrestleMania date, he lost and had to take time off before being built up again. However, the one difference in my eyes is that Wyatt doesn’t need to win, he’s facing The Undertaker, all he needs to do is look strong. Even if that meant beating up Undertaker after the match had ended, therefore staking a claim that it was he who “finished” The Phenom. Whether he wins or loses in March, it can’t take anything away from his current WrestleMania lineup, he’s fought Cena and The Undertaker. The only way it could get better is if Triple H is his opponent for next year, either him or Randy Orton.

Wyatt Coffin

The Viper has returned: Speaking of Randy Orton is another obvious point. After the first match at Fast Lane, Randy Orton returned, “RKOs for everyone!” he cheered, the crowd were happy and everything was perfect. Just wait two or three weeks and everyone will be bored of him again. The story is that after four months off from an injury caused by Seth Rollins, Orton is back and ready for his revenge. In accordance to Monday, it seems that his face turn is going to be done slowly, unless of course the confrontation between the two was to fill in for a lack of the expected Lesnar.

It’s sensible to have a slow-burn for this kind of thing, what else is Orton going to do? Because I really can’t see him RKO’ing every member of The Authority for four weeks on the trot. It’s better that it’s built up slowly, he seems uncertain, he isn’t playing to the crowd and he can keep his mystique of being a tweener, not quite good, yet not quite bad. But ultimately, this will lead to a match between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. It could push Rollins up another tier to show that he’s capable of beating all kinds of talent, or, it could just as easily get Orton back on track after his injury.

Orton RKO

Russev is losing if he fights John  Cena again: The fourth and final point is the issue between John Cena and Russev. Cena lost at Fast Lane, this was no surprise to anyone because we all knew that if he was going to win it’d be at WrestleMania. It seems that statement is even more true as he did indeed lose and he more than likely will be facing Russev again. The only problem comes from Russev declining John’s invitation to a rematch this Monday on Raw, but let’s be serious here, when has someone saying no ever stopped a match from happening? It even happened on the build-up to Fast Lane, all Cena has to do is tie Russev to a ring-post and make him sign a contract.

It may come as a bold prediction, but the evidence is there, John Cena doesn’t lose to nobodies at WrestleMania. Unless of course we’re counting The Miz, in which case his win was a sacrifice to build-up The Rock vs. John Cena. The only issue I have is that Cena wants it to be for the title, this can only be avoided if Russev comes back and says the rematch has to be without the title, which just makes Russev look even worse. Either way, Cena wins and takes the title, or Cena wins and doesn’t take the title, therefore making Russev look bad for knowing Cena would win and taking the title off the line.

Cena Accolade

Just give me Sting vs. Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt, that’s all I want from WrestleMania 31, everything else is just unneeded and poorly built filler. It’s a shame but this WrestleMania is looking to be just as bad as WrestleMania 29: John Cena vs. The Rock part II, I hope things can change and I hope that one day Vincent Kennedy McMahon wakes up from this strange dream he’s been living in. When the most anticipated annual event in pro-wrestling is making fans sigh at the mere thought, you know the creative team are doing something wrong.

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CM Punk vs. WWE

There has recently been some controversy raised around the whole situation between CM Punk and World Wrestling Entertainment. I’ve decided to capitalise on this by giving a brief description of the events surrounding it, as well as some of my own thoughts. It’s a shame these events have played out the way they have, however, it’s only fair that the grievances are aired by both parties and whoever is in the right is compensated for fairly.

CM Punk

As most wrestling fans will know, CM Punk left the WWE as of January last year. Prior to the months leading up to his departure he was suffering from concussions, lack of sleep, nausea, diarrhea and most notably, a “Baseball” sized staph infection. Up until November of 2014 us fans were left in the dark with no information. It was then announced that CM Punk would be taking part in a tell-all podcast with his close-friend Colt Cabana. Turns out it really was tell-all and Punk would reveal all the little secrets, annoyances and pent-up aggression he’d bottled up for what seemed like years.

These events recently came to a culmination as the doctor Punk accused of malpractice, Dr. Chris Amann, is attempting to sue both CM Punk and Colt Cabana for defamation. It’s just interesting to me, this went from being such a hush-hush and unknown subject in the wrestling community, to being the most talked about thing since The Montreal Screwjob. The fuel added to this fire was of course the WWE jumping to Dr. Amman’s aid. A statement was recently released on claiming the company’s confidence in their world-class doctor’s as well as notes such as:

CM Punk did not discuss the alleged condition with WWE’s team of physicians and trainers.

WWE has no medical records documenting the alleged condition.

The first time WWE was made aware of this alleged condition was when we received a letter from CM Punk’s attorney on August 22nd 2014.

However, that isn’t anything compared to what else came with the statement. Embedded at the top of the page was WWE’s idea of “Video evidence” in regards to CM Punk’s claims of a staph infection. They have compiled over three minutes of footage which focuses directly on Phil Brooks’ behind. That’s not a joke, there’s pauses, zooms and close-ups of the man’s backside, the only thing missing is raunchy music to accompany the saucy selection of moments from the 2014 Royal Rumble. Literally as I was writing this post up, I came across a version of the video which has been dubbed over with all-sorts of relevant music.

Joking aside, this is quite a serious issue between the two figures. However, even though this is a big legal fiasco, I still find it hard to believe that in five years time Punk won’t be wrestling for the WWE again, regardless of if it’s part-time or not. Particularly as we’ve seen Hogan testify against Vince McMahon and a DVD be made solely to spite The Ultimate Warrior, yet both of those men returned to the WWE in an attempt to set things straight. It’s a business motivated by greed and money, and although CM Punk has no interest in returning now, who knows? Perhaps the UFC might not be for him after all? Perhaps his comic-writing endeavors won’t go too well? It’s hard to tell, but from the way Punk addresses the situation, there is still hope.

Lastly, I’ve added an image taken of CM Punk in the studio of a radio station showing the aftermath of his staph infection. It’s a fairly poor capture of the coloured in-dent, but if you look closely, it’s certainly visible. The game therefore lies in taking a look at that picture and seeing if you can find it in the WWE’s original video, I personally don’t see it. Now, I’m not calling CM Punk a liar, not by any means;  his views, although biased and disgruntled, seemed honest enough to me, besides, what reason does the man have to lie? My theory is that the staph infection is where he stated it was in the Art of Wrestling podcast, under his waistband. He states that it was in the worst possible place, due to the friction of the tights, it kept rubbing and causing more discomfort. It’s no surprise, staph infections are nasty business and for it to be such a powerful factor behind all this controversy, it really is a shame it wasn’t sorted sooner.

CM Punk Staph

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Getting In The Fast Lane To WrestleMania 31

This Sunday marks the first ever Fast Lane pay-per view held by the WWE, it will be replacing the annual Elimination Chamber and marks the second of three destinations on the road to WrestleMania. It has once again been an absolute mish-mash of ideas, rumours and speculation on the plans leading up to WrestleMania, but that just leaves me with more to talk about. Although this post will be long, I will be keeping it based around Fast Lane and its implications, as opposed to sprouting off into a WrestleMania fantasy booking spectacular.

There are five matches booked for Fast Lane, as well as a special confrontation: The Usos vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose, Nikki Bella vs. Paige, Russev vs John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns. All of which are to win their respective championships, except Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns, which will determine who will face Brock Lesnar come March 29th at WrestleMania 31, for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You’ve also got to account for the WWE vs. WCW confrontation between Triple H and Sting, as well as the possibility of an *insert mid-card wrestler* playing WWE Immortals segment.

Fast Lane Poster

I’ll structure this post in regards to my personal interest of each match, with a bit at the end regarding some possible wildcards. Starting with the The Usos vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. I personally wouldn’t class what WWE creative do with the tag-team division as “Story building”, in my opinion it’s on the same shoddy level as the way Raw is booked. Having Jimmy vs. Cesaro or Jey vs. Tyson Kidd may fill up a time slot on Monday, but it adds absolutely nothing to the story of why these two teams are fighting. At least Miz and Mizdow threw a bit of fuel on their feud, The Miz got into the realm of Naomi’s “Acting” career and was causing tension between the relationship of Jimmy and Naomi. Let’s just get this match out of the way so we can have The Ascension lock on to The Usos. Who knows, we might even get some actual promos or contact between the two teams.

I was unsure of when the trigger would be pulled on the Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose match, but it’s finally been confirmed. In fairness, they probably could have scraped by and not had the match at Fast Lane, instead, Ambrose would keep badgering Barrett until he finally accepted for a match at WrestleMania. But, I can’t fault the choice to have them fight early on, apart from that utterly bizarre “Contract signing”, if you could call it such a thing. Ambrose literally bound Bad News against the ring post and scratched a pen in his hand against the contract. I don’t understand how that counts as a valid signature in the lala land of the WWE Universe, I also don’t really care. At least now Dean can win and Wade can activate his rematch clause for WrestleMania, ultimately resulting in a successful defense by Ambrose and a nice long reign as Intercontinental Champion.

Dean and Barrett

On to Nikki Bella vs. Paige, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been looking forward to this match since it was announced; as a resident of England, I’m a huge fan of Paige and her attitude. The build-up, although very girly, has been interesting to say the least, especially with The Bellas running around acting like the playground bullies of the diva’s division. They’ve been spray-tanning Paige NWO-style, stealing her clothes and once again being indecisive on whether or not they like one another. The only thing missing was mention of Paige’s pasty white skin or accusing her of having bad teeth. Now, Nikki Bella vs. Paige may feel like a match I’ve already seen, but it still has me interested, both in the finish, how it will lead into WrestleMania and if AJ Lee is involved. Mostly because if two of those three wrestlers aren’t fighting for the title during WrestleMania, we could really be missing out. Unless of course Charlotte or Sasha are brought up just in time to challenge whoever happens to be Diva’s Champion.

Next up is the (15 time World Champion) underdog! John Cena, who will be facing the unsubmitted and unpinned Bulgarian/Russian/European Brute, for the United States Championship. The question is, can John Cena overcome these odds? I just don’t know anymore, we’ve seen him beat Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, win money in the bank, hell in a cell, last man standing and I quit matches. But! Can he beat Russev? No, of course not, not yet at least. First Russev must be made to look like a credible threat; basically the opposite if what we saw on this week’s Raw. Russev could win by a no-contest as Cena follows his never give up mantra by passing out before he ever taps to this despicable commy.

Then Cena can win, he’ll overcome the odds and win the big one at WrestleMania 31, the second time around it might feature a new stipulation, such as a submission, no disqualification or winner gets to go on a date with Lana match. Regardless of what happens at Fast Lane, the bottom line still remains: which is Cena ultimately going over Russev at WrestleMania 31. I feel that the glimmer of “Ruthless aggression” we saw in John Cena this past Monday was just a way to build Russev up and make it look like Cena is having to dig deep. This way (In Vince’s eyes), when Russev finally falls to the hands of the mighty John Cena, John can stay relevant, still look strong and also add some credibility to the US Title. Thus allowing Rollins, Bryan, Lesnar and Reigns to squabble over who gets the WWE Championship while Cena is away from the spotlight. So, basically, just like last year, another newcomer is going to lose all their momentum because John Cena needs someone to face at WrestleMania. However, I feel Russev has significantly less depth than the last victim, considering his only distinctive characteristics are being big and foreign.

John and Russev

The only thing stopping me getting excited for Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns is the likely chance that Vince just made this match so the smarks would shut up and he could play bodybuilder-fetish-fantasy-booking, BFFB, for anyone wondering. This match has so many implications, not just the fact that it’s for a chance to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but because it symbolises Us vs. Them. As an independently minded viewer who frequently breaks kayfabe by reading the latest wrestling news and browsing /r/SquaredCircle, I feel it’s more about The Viewers vs. The Corporation. We had it last year when they tried to cram their idea of a “Good main-event” down our throat and we’re having it this year too.

However, there was huge news a few weeks ago that both of these men would be facing Brock in a triple threat match at WrestleMania, which leads me to believe that this match will end in a dusty finish. Similar to how Randy Orton used the ropes to pin Rey Mysterio in ’06 when he put his WrestleMania spot on the line. Either that or Daniel somehow finds another reason to get himself into the main-event, which I’m also fine with. He doesn’t even need to win, to be honest, just some acknowledgement to what the fans want is all I’m asking. The build has far surpassed what I expected, we’ve seen comradery, mutual respect, tension and finally, an all-out brawl between the two. This has been my most anticipated match since the Royal Rumble; but the rumours, as well as the implications are quite a lot to account for. Especially when you factor in Daniel getting this far and then being denied entry to the main-event, because that is just too much of a kick in the teeth for me to get excited about.

When Sting was announced for WWE 2K15 it blew my mind, not because I’m a fan of the crap games WWE put out, but because it meant Sting might one day fight in the WWE. As of Survivor Series last year, it seems this definitely is the case. I personally don’t understand why Triple H had to “Confront” Sting on Raw to get his answer of whether or not he wanted to confront him at Fast Lane, but I do understand where this is going. Come Fast Lane the two should hopefully be getting in the ring together, does that mean Sting will be talking? And that the two will make physical contact again? I don’t know. However, I’d presume Sting will be pulling more tricks; lights going out, appearance of a bat, jumping from the rafters, typical Sting stuff. I don’t care that it isn’t a match and I don’t care if Sting might not even show up, because it’s the build to my most-wanted match since last year. This is the part of Fast Lane I’m most looking forward to, because it will inevitably lead to a Sting vs. Triple H match, which is the only thing right now keeping me interested in WrestleMania 31.

Sting and Triple H

The last two things I have to discuss are the involvement of Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. Seth Rollins for some reason isn’t booked for Fast Lane, this could be because of a few things: he could be injured, creative may have run out of things for him to do, or, the most likely case, he’s paying his dues for the recent Twitter scandal. WWE can’t punish a wrestler who holds a Money In The Bank briefcase, that just doesn’t work in kayfabe, they know their plans for him and they can’t take them away without mixing everything else up. What they can do, however, is leave him out of Fast Lane, heck, they could even leave him out of WrestleMania and just have him cash in. It would make sense from the business side of things and could even work during the storyline, wrestlers appear and disappear all the time, see The Undertaker.

Speaking of The Undertaker, that brings me to my final point; Bray Wyatt and his Edward Nigma style promos. This past Monday on Raw, WWE decided to bosh out a few Wyatt segments which had him targeting an unknown person. The hints, particularly the coffin, would lead people to believe it was The Undertaker that Wyatt was speaking to, this makes sense to me. However, the one other outcome is that Wyatt is somehow planning on interrupting Bryan’s match and costing him the title shot, I really, really hope this isn’t the case. If the WWE are in fact planning on having Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker come March 29th, then it seems they’re planting the seeds early. Having Wyatt call out The Undertaker in February is a great way to add another element to WrestleMania season that’s actually interesting, an even bigger element would be to have Taker or some kind of representation of Taker at Fast Lane.

I can personally say that if we see Dean Ambrose become Intercontinental Champion, Bryan become number one contender, a Sting appearance and a shout-out to The Undertaker this Sunday, then Vince would have redeemed himself. But, this is the WWE we’re talking about and I’m expecting the exact opposite of what I want and for them to fuck everything up even more, happy Fast Lane everyone!

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