About GWEWriting

GWE stands for gaming, wrestling and everything, which holds great value when describing this website as it states two industries I’m very interested. It also gives me an excuse to write about anything and everything else, regardless of the topic it may fall under.

I’m a student studying my degree in English Literature with Creative Writing who is by no means an expert with WordPress. Perhaps in a few years time I’ll look back at my contributions to this site and see nothing of it, though maybe I’ll look back and be able to attribute progression to it.

GWEWriting is my the first website I’ve created, I like writing and I’m a very opinionated person, to me, those two factors alone justify me starting it. Paired with it being a great place to collate all examples of my work and that’s easy motivation to keep it maintained and up to date. If I gain some exposure from this, if someone finds enjoyment out of reading, if people can relate to my posts, then great. If that’s not the case, then at least it’s an outlet for some creativity and gives me a way to critique and improve my work.

On top of GWEWriting, I’ve also written for four other sites: MuseCulture where I wrote reviews, news and unique articles about gaming. ManyATrueNerd, using the format of a monthly magazine featuring themed gaming articles. Cliqist, which was based around crowd-funded video games, fostering shorter, more editorial styled articles. As well as TheLadBible, where I wrote about current pop-culture news, reaching a much wider-audience than just gamers. I consider my contributions to these sites to be  useful experience and interesting points to put on a resume, you can easily find all these articles via the sidebar to the left.

Remember! If you enjoy the content which is posted on this blog you can subscribe to receive updates via email, or even follow me on Twitter @GWEWriting. This goes towards helping this blog grow. Thank you for reading! I appreciate your support.

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