The Bible Videogame, Five Month Update

It took five months, but the Tornado Twins have kindly blessed us with a new update for the Bible Videogame. Get it, blessed? Over the summer the development team endured a lot of problems – Unfortunately a lot of these were personal issues, ultimately slowing down the creation of the Bible Videogame. However, instead of leaving us clueless, the Tornado Twins and co. havw created a reel to show us what they’ve been up to.

In fairness, it’s actually a very respectable amount of work, varying between aspects such as physics, artificial intelligence and environments. You’re able to view the video update above, but I’ll also give a few basic examples. Players can now reach checkpoints, climb, wall jump and interact with boxes, ziplines and ropes. They’re also able to take damage from a plethora of hazards such as water, spikes, heights, boulders, fire and weight.

On top of this, there are a few more interesting aspects of development that caught my eye. My favourite is the transitions of depth between levels. This will absolutely come in handy when creating devious puzzles and challenges for players to wrap their heads around; similar to Fez. Another more immersing addition would be the implementation of background environments full of characters that interact with one another. Or, animal AI such as sheep, who now act like sheep.

A release date is still unknown by the development team thus far, and they’d prefer not to guess. They have a long way to go, but the creators of the Bible Videogame have made it clear that they want to spend their time progressing as opposed to speculating.


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