Surface Explanation

With over a month to go, Surface has jumped onto Kickstarter and nearly doubled its mandatory stretch goal of $35,000. 3TC Studios clearly have some pretty enthusiastic fans, and rightfully so as their latest project Surface seems extremely unique. This intrigue doesn’t just spawn from one aspect, though, but from several – For example, the art-style, game mechanics, play-style and most fittingly, the environment of Surface City itself.

Simply put, you play as Ben Sharp, an undercover agent of SURFACE attempting to avenge the death of his fallen partner. The company SURFACE, which is strangely abbreviated from Source Flash Bainite Corporate is a corporation located in the centre of the city. However, due to its growth, it’s now become a massive part of the city’s infrastructure; absorbing not only workers, but the corruption and sleaze that lies within the city itself.

Surface is a 2D side-scroller at heart; you’ll wander through city streets, woodlands, slums and the insides of bars, all in the quest for knowledge. However, unfortunately for Ben, the killer won’t stop with the death of his partner. As you progress through the game, the killer, and what other enemies you make on the way will be out to get you. Therefore it’s up to you to prepare yourself for not only your partner’s murder mystery, but also the hostility of the city’s suspicious and dangerous characters.

Quick-time events, exploration, player choice, clue finding, interrogations and an engaging, deep narrative are just a few things that await you in Surface City. Estimated for a December 2015 release, Surface has only just gone live on KickStarter with about 30 days left for backing. I have to say, it really has peaked my interest and hopefully it’ll intrigue you to, particularly as there was a short trailer released with the announcement that can be found above.


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