Read Only Memories Reveals Dave Fennoy

What do Read Only Memories, Batman Arkham Knight, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us all have in common? Dave Fennoy would be the correct answer. GaymerX revealed in their most recent “Cyberpunks” trailer that the esteemed voice actor would be present in their upcoming crowdfunded game, Read Only Memories.

It’s unsure just yet how big of a role he’ll be playing in Read Only Memories, but it was stated that he’d be narrating several in-game sequences. Like any good developer, instead of just announcing the voice actor, they went above and beyond; giving us a little taster of how Dave would sound and the release date of Read Only Memories.

As you can hear in the trailer below, his dialogue reads “This story is dedicated to all those cyberpunks, who fight for a better future, every day of their lives – Read Only Memories, coming October 6th 2015.” This is obviously very big news for the cyberpunk adventure, releasing in around three weeks for PC, Mac and Linux.


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