Four Things We’ve Learnt From Fast Lane

Last Sunday marked the inaugural Fast Lane pay-per view held by the WWE. I can’t say that I’m overly impressed by the show, but what I can say is that it fully met my expectations; it’s just a shame those expectations were sitting on the floor of my living room. Luckily it was free to view on Sky One, which justified me watching the event regardless of its undesirable and downright predictable ending. Now that we’re so close to WrestleMania, I thought It’d be fitting to write about four things Fast Lane has taught us. In fairness, I had around ten that I wanted to write about, but I condensed it down to four. Only because the other six I either wasn’t interested in or didn’t feel were eligible enough for me to elaborate on without it feeling forced.

WWE will face WCW:  The first, and arguably most obvious of the seven things, is that Triple H (WWE) will be facing Sting (WCW) at WrestleMania. This match was first teased as of Survivor Series last November and has been built up ever since. Triple H and Sting clashed in a confrontation at Fast Lane which resulted in Sting holding Triple H at bat-point and pointing to the WrestleMania sign. That’s all it took to confirm that two of the biggest stars in pro-wrestling history would face off on the grandest stage of them all.

There’s just a few questions surrounding it: Is Sting going over? I’d assume so, otherwise what’s the point in the match, just to feed Hunter’s ego? It makes sense to have him fight Triple H, who else is there? Unless they’re going to bring The Rock back, the only other guy is Undertaker and he’s clearly booked with Wyatt, which we’ll come to later. It’s also been almost a year since Triple H has performed and God knows how long since Sting has performed at a “WrestleMania worthy” level, which begs the question of how well these men will mesh together. Both of them are pretty adaptable, which is why they’ve been around for so long, and if this is allegedly Sting’s final match then I want it to do his entire career the justice that it deserves. However, my preferred scenario would be that Sting doesn’t retire, but appears every few years as an omnipotent presence whose sole purpose is to rectify any wrong-doings, similar to the current situation.

Sting Bat

Bray Wyatt is this generation’s Undertaker: I wrote in my previous Fast Lane article that I had hoped for some kind of reference to The Undertaker. Well, what’s more of a reference than his rival at WrestleMania literally imitating his entire ring entrance? Nothing, that’s what, it was exactly what I wanted to kick-start this feud five weeks before its payoff. The only issue with this is that The Undertaker isn’t reported to have any appearances on Raw leading up to WrestleMania, this is reminiscent of his WrestleMania XX feud where he only showed up to the match itself. That’s fair enough, if that’s the schedule he’s going for, but that means Wyatt is going to have to rely solely on the match itself to get himself over. He’ll either need to win, or he’ll need a major rubbing effect during the course of the match to come out of this as the stronger competitor.

This is The Undertaker we’re talking about though, the man is the legendary “Locker Room Leader” who will do anything for the business or younger talent. This means that regardless of who is going to win, Wyatt should gain a massive push in momentum from the match alone, if done well. The one issue is that this match could have similar effects to Wyatt’s last WrestleMania date, he lost and had to take time off before being built up again. However, the one difference in my eyes is that Wyatt doesn’t need to win, he’s facing The Undertaker, all he needs to do is look strong. Even if that meant beating up Undertaker after the match had ended, therefore staking a claim that it was he who “finished” The Phenom. Whether he wins or loses in March, it can’t take anything away from his current WrestleMania lineup, he’s fought Cena and The Undertaker. The only way it could get better is if Triple H is his opponent for next year, either him or Randy Orton.

Wyatt Coffin

The Viper has returned: Speaking of Randy Orton is another obvious point. After the first match at Fast Lane, Randy Orton returned, “RKOs for everyone!” he cheered, the crowd were happy and everything was perfect. Just wait two or three weeks and everyone will be bored of him again. The story is that after four months off from an injury caused by Seth Rollins, Orton is back and ready for his revenge. In accordance to Monday, it seems that his face turn is going to be done slowly, unless of course the confrontation between the two was to fill in for a lack of the expected Lesnar.

It’s sensible to have a slow-burn for this kind of thing, what else is Orton going to do? Because I really can’t see him RKO’ing every member of The Authority for four weeks on the trot. It’s better that it’s built up slowly, he seems uncertain, he isn’t playing to the crowd and he can keep his mystique of being a tweener, not quite good, yet not quite bad. But ultimately, this will lead to a match between Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. It could push Rollins up another tier to show that he’s capable of beating all kinds of talent, or, it could just as easily get Orton back on track after his injury.

Orton RKO

Russev is losing if he fights John  Cena again: The fourth and final point is the issue between John Cena and Russev. Cena lost at Fast Lane, this was no surprise to anyone because we all knew that if he was going to win it’d be at WrestleMania. It seems that statement is even more true as he did indeed lose and he more than likely will be facing Russev again. The only problem comes from Russev declining John’s invitation to a rematch this Monday on Raw, but let’s be serious here, when has someone saying no ever stopped a match from happening? It even happened on the build-up to Fast Lane, all Cena has to do is tie Russev to a ring-post and make him sign a contract.

It may come as a bold prediction, but the evidence is there, John Cena doesn’t lose to nobodies at WrestleMania. Unless of course we’re counting The Miz, in which case his win was a sacrifice to build-up The Rock vs. John Cena. The only issue I have is that Cena wants it to be for the title, this can only be avoided if Russev comes back and says the rematch has to be without the title, which just makes Russev look even worse. Either way, Cena wins and takes the title, or Cena wins and doesn’t take the title, therefore making Russev look bad for knowing Cena would win and taking the title off the line.

Cena Accolade

Just give me Sting vs. Triple H and The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt, that’s all I want from WrestleMania 31, everything else is just unneeded and poorly built filler. It’s a shame but this WrestleMania is looking to be just as bad as WrestleMania 29: John Cena vs. The Rock part II, I hope things can change and I hope that one day Vincent Kennedy McMahon wakes up from this strange dream he’s been living in. When the most anticipated annual event in pro-wrestling is making fans sigh at the mere thought, you know the creative team are doing something wrong.

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