CM Punk vs. WWE

There has recently been some controversy raised around the whole situation between CM Punk and World Wrestling Entertainment. I’ve decided to capitalise on this by giving a brief description of the events surrounding it, as well as some of my own thoughts. It’s a shame these events have played out the way they have, however, it’s only fair that the grievances are aired by both parties and whoever is in the right is compensated for fairly.

CM Punk

As most wrestling fans will know, CM Punk left the WWE as of January last year. Prior to the months leading up to his departure he was suffering from concussions, lack of sleep, nausea, diarrhea and most notably, a “Baseball” sized staph infection. Up until November of 2014 us fans were left in the dark with no information. It was then announced that CM Punk would be taking part in a tell-all podcast with his close-friend Colt Cabana. Turns out it really was tell-all and Punk would reveal all the little secrets, annoyances and pent-up aggression he’d bottled up for what seemed like years.

These events recently came to a culmination as the doctor Punk accused of malpractice, Dr. Chris Amann, is attempting to sue both CM Punk and Colt Cabana for defamation. It’s just interesting to me, this went from being such a hush-hush and unknown subject in the wrestling community, to being the most talked about thing since The Montreal Screwjob. The fuel added to this fire was of course the WWE jumping to Dr. Amman’s aid. A statement was recently released on claiming the company’s confidence in their world-class doctor’s as well as notes such as:

CM Punk did not discuss the alleged condition with WWE’s team of physicians and trainers.

WWE has no medical records documenting the alleged condition.

The first time WWE was made aware of this alleged condition was when we received a letter from CM Punk’s attorney on August 22nd 2014.

However, that isn’t anything compared to what else came with the statement. Embedded at the top of the page was WWE’s idea of “Video evidence” in regards to CM Punk’s claims of a staph infection. They have compiled over three minutes of footage which focuses directly on Phil Brooks’ behind. That’s not a joke, there’s pauses, zooms and close-ups of the man’s backside, the only thing missing is raunchy music to accompany the saucy selection of moments from the 2014 Royal Rumble. Literally as I was writing this post up, I came across a version of the video which has been dubbed over with all-sorts of relevant music.

Joking aside, this is quite a serious issue between the two figures. However, even though this is a big legal fiasco, I still find it hard to believe that in five years time Punk won’t be wrestling for the WWE again, regardless of if it’s part-time or not. Particularly as we’ve seen Hogan testify against Vince McMahon and a DVD be made solely to spite The Ultimate Warrior, yet both of those men returned to the WWE in an attempt to set things straight. It’s a business motivated by greed and money, and although CM Punk has no interest in returning now, who knows? Perhaps the UFC might not be for him after all? Perhaps his comic-writing endeavors won’t go too well? It’s hard to tell, but from the way Punk addresses the situation, there is still hope.

Lastly, I’ve added an image taken of CM Punk in the studio of a radio station showing the aftermath of his staph infection. It’s a fairly poor capture of the coloured in-dent, but if you look closely, it’s certainly visible. The game therefore lies in taking a look at that picture and seeing if you can find it in the WWE’s original video, I personally don’t see it. Now, I’m not calling CM Punk a liar, not by any means;  his views, although biased and disgruntled, seemed honest enough to me, besides, what reason does the man have to lie? My theory is that the staph infection is where he stated it was in the Art of Wrestling podcast, under his waistband. He states that it was in the worst possible place, due to the friction of the tights, it kept rubbing and causing more discomfort. It’s no surprise, staph infections are nasty business and for it to be such a powerful factor behind all this controversy, it really is a shame it wasn’t sorted sooner.

CM Punk Staph

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