Is Hitman: Agent 47 Just Another Action Film?

A new trailer for a Hitman film titled Hitman: Agent 47 has recently been released, I can’t say I’m impressed with the style of it as a whole and from what I’ve seen, fans of the game aren’t too fond of it either.  However, you really do have to take into account that the film isn’t just targeted towards fans of the game, if it was, the main demographic of casual movie-goers would be isolated due to their lack of knowledge of the franchise. I’ll leave a disclaimer saying that I’m not a die-hard fan, when The Last Of Us film gets a trailer, I’ll be much more in-depth, in terms of Hitman though, I’ve only played Blood Money and Absolution.

The trailer featured some of Agent 47’s game traits, but from what I saw, there wasn’t as many as their should have been. For example, the main one which had me smiling was when he left the interrogation room in someone else’s uniform. Now, I doubt we’ll be seeing him in clown or bird costumes any time soon, but it is still a little nod to his gaming habits. He was also extremely well trained in hand to hand combat, he’d been kicking tables, punching guys and taking down anyone that came near him. The only problem with that is, every protagonist in any generic action film is skilled in combat, so it takes away some of the pride of gamers who knew him before the film. While I’m scraping for other similarities to find, I guess we could throw the bar code in there? And yes, it does actually consist of the numbers tattooed onto 47’s head in the game, which is very neat.

Then again, although a pissed off fan-base isn’t going to change anything in an already produced film, sometimes those little nods just aren’t enough. Sometimes fans want more than nods when you base an entire film around an already established franchise.

If we’re looking at things he doesn’t do in the games, the list is just as long, if not longer. Firstly, regardless of 47’s character, the dialogue sounded a bit poor, and no, you cannot attribute that to 47 never speaking. From what I understand he just doesn’t like to speak, he’s an intelligent and well-spoken individual, but too much talk can get you found out.

“You should really let me go.”

“Last time I checked, you’re the one locked in here with me and I’m the one with the gun.”

“No, Mr. Sanders, you’re locked in here with me, and you just brought me mine.”

He also has hair, I’m not sure if this is to make 47 seem like a more marketable or relatable character, I just really don’t understand how shaving his head even further would take anything away from that. There’s also the ridiculous amount of action and things blowing up, whether that be cars, helicopters or buildings, sure, some people like that, but that is absolutely not what Hitman is about. As well as a distinct lack of stealth, however, instead of piling onto the film for its first trailer, I’ll base my opinion in the months to come when more trailers are released.

In regards to the lack of fan-service; it’s what we should expect, really, films aren’t tailored towards the core fanbase because unfortunately that would be bad marketing. It’s similar to how DC and Marvel films can only reference their roots so much and the same goes with video games. Film producers want to make their demographic as wide as possible and if that means pissing off a few fans to make the film more understandable, then darn us they will do just that. It’s a shame, but it’s the reality of the situation, money first, respect from fans later.

Hitman is second on my wishlist of video game based films, with Last of Us as my first, and it looks to me as if it isn’t getting taken off that list any time soon. Unless of course the second trailer focuses more on Agent 47, showing some decent references as to how he actually is the character they’ve ripped out of a video game and thrown onto the big-screen two times now.

Hitman Agent 47

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