CM Punk, The Comic Book Writer

Two time WWE champion, Walking Dead Enthusiast, Straight Edge Superstar and comic book writer? Phil Brooks, or more commonly known CM Punk, has recently taken up Marvel’s offer of writing comic books for the company, starting with Thor Annual #1. Could this be Punk’s attempt at living a life away from the ring? Or merely earning some extra money until he decides to quit another job…


Marvel illustrator Rob Guillory and good friend CM Punk are working together to create the first issue of the Thor Annual, set for release in February of 2015. Punk stated in an interview that he attributes landing the job to pestering the right people and getting the right answers out of them; this ultimately resulted in him gaining the opportunity to write for Marvel with frequent communication through his friend and co-creator Guillory.

Many emails have been going back and forth between Punk and Guillory about the ideas and storylines for the Annual, Punk threw the first idea he could think of at the illustrator and the two ran with it from there. The world champion doesn’t claim to have any prior experience and isn’t asking to direct the new Avengers film, instead he is humbled by the chance to write for a company he frequently reads the comics of. He’s even told stories of carrying around bags full of comics to read on plane journeys, only to eagerly read through the entire lot in the terminal and have to lug around dead weight on his travels.

Phil says that although he isn’t entirely sure how the position came to be, he found that during previous conversations about writing he never had the time, whereas now (After quitting his job back in January 2014…) he has all the time in the world, money rolling in from royalties the WWE owe him and an avid interest in writing comic books. While being in contact with Marvel he found the “Marvel Method” of writing to be the most efficient way to format his stories, as it lets you know how the idea will turn out on paper. His plan is to write about Thor’s struggles with her father (Thor is also a female in this new rendition) and why she isn’t “Worthy” of holding the mighty hammer, focusing on a more rebellious, young heroine, as opposed to the just and God-like Thor later on.

“If anything, wrestling got me used to understanding that failure is a part of a process, and the only real failure is if you don’t try”, although slightly hypocritical, the statement made by CM Punk is a reassuring one, letting fans know that if there are any bumps in the road, or if the comic turns out to be a huge flop, he isn’t going to be discouraged to try again. He compares both being a superhero and donning the tights in the ring as similar concepts, in the squared circle he is “CM Punk: The voice of the voiceless and once leader of the straight edge society” where in real-life he’s just Phil Brooks, the regular comic book nerd, compare that to Bruce Wayne and Batman and the alter-ego complex seems pretty accurate.

The creation of Thor Annual #1 is well under-way and Punk is confirmed to be contributing to the cause regardless of opinions and rumours surrounding the issue. I can’t wait to pick up Phil Brooks’ take on a young Thor in February 2015 and look forward to the day he’s let loose with The Punisher character he so very much hopes to write about, until then we’re left to speculate. When’s he coming back to the WWE? Is CM Punk actually Batman? Who else will CM Punk be allowed to write about, and finally, how will Thor Annual #1 turn out?


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