The Greatest Smash Bros. Yet?

There was recently a Nintendo Direct which went over a long list of facts regarding the WiiU version of Super Smash Bros. and with that I felt it’d be a great idea to run through some of them, proving why it has the potential to be the best Smash Bros. yet.


Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU has over 40 characters to choose from. This means that you and up to 8, yes, 8 of your friends will have a great selection of fighters, as well as remotes to decide upon. This is because the WiiU version allows for 8 different types of controller input, such as the 3DS, WiiU gamepad, WiiMote, Nunchuk, GameCube controller and anything else Nintendo have released.

The newest instalment also features the highest quality visuals to date and includes levels so large that they’d be unplayable on the 3DS, this is due to it being almost 4x less resolute than the WiiU. I should also include that a good portion of these levels include set pieces, some could be boss events, additional hostile enemies, potential team mates and even hints about your opponents.

To accompany the highly detailed levels, is customisation. Giving players the ability to amend and alter variables in the level to better suit them. Perhaps you’re sick of a certain music track? You can change that. Maybe you don’t like the items that drop? You can change that. You can change literally everything, such as the size, body type, stamina, speed and health of characters in the game, plus a bunch more little neat things.

With a new game, come all new and returning game modes, I’ve listed a few below; this isn’t all of them, merely a description of the ones I found the most interesting.

Classic Mode – Reach the final showdown and fight the boss, not before fighting your way through incoming challengers and the arch-enemies you make on your way. This mode is solely based on skill, meaning the better you do, the harder the fight.

Smash Tour – Traverse your Miis around a game board where players must quickly grab items, power-ups and characters for their army. So that when a fight breaks out, they’re fully prepared for the free-for-all battle where the winner has the possibility of acquiring other players’ characters and items.

Event Mode – Take part in themed challenges as quickly as possible and to the best of your ability, thus gaining a better score, rewards and ultimately moving onto the next event. Challenges could include; fighting off several of the same character or eating as many people as possible with Pac-Man’s final smash.

Special Orders – There are two different orders; Master Orders allow players to take part in challenges given out by the Master Hand, earning rewards based on their skill and the difficulty level. Crazy Orders involve a task which must be finished before the time limit, challenges get harder as they go on, however, the rewards become much larger too. When a player feels they have enough loot to leave the game mode, they can, but not before going one on one with the crazy hand and confirming their rightful possession of the goods.

Do these types of additions and recurring features to the Smash Bros universe entice you? I feel as if it definitely has the potential to become the best Super Smash Bros to date, but the question is: Can it really beat Super Smash Bros. Melee?


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