The Humble Store Makes Its Debut

The Humble Bundles are now expanding, not only are we given new sets of games each week at low prices, but we’re also given larger more unique bundles every few weeks, and to top it off, there is now a store which has opened just today, named The Humble Store.

However, this isn’t any ordinary store, The Humble Store is an ever changing assortment of games which are priced extremely low; the games may be new, old, classic or some you may have never heard of. The publicity and quality of game however is really irrelevant, as the point is we now have one more outlet to buy games from, not only at a low and discounted price, but also at a price which will help charity, as 10% of every purchase goes towards one charity or another.

The Humble Store is making its debut today and the premise is more or less the same as the Humble Bundles we’re used to: Check out the site for daily games at discounted prices, purchase the ones you’re interested in and help charity. Today alone there are nine games to choose from and the list will only get bigger, featured today are Don’t Starve, Prison Architect, Gunpoint and many more.

If you need help looking for a game which fits your preference, there are some helpful features to the side of the site, an option to choose from the best-selling and newest titles, or for them to be listed alphabetically, on top of that you can choose from an operating system’s perspective by picking between PC, Mac or Linux compatible titles.

The Humble Store will be an ever changing and evolving daily occurrence which will update every day at around 7pm, there will be a list of games to choose from each at a discounted price and a portion of purchase going to charity. Today, on The Humble Store’s debut it has made over $100,000 already, proving that the fool-proof formula of interesting games at a cheap price is still as effective as ever.


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