GreenShoots Programme Supporting Indie Developers

As of today, both, Creative England and Microsoft Ltd. are proud to present a new programme which can not only guide indie developers, but give them a massive boost into the gaming industry. GreenShoots focuses directly on any indie developers located in England and attempts to find ten of the most innovative companies, who show true potential for a future in the mobile games industry.

Created in a joint effort by Microsoft Ltd. and Creative England, GreenShoots is a great way of hand-picking the biggest and brightest indie developers out there right now, this will not only benefit the indie companies directly, but also Microsoft’s Windows platform, as this programme pushes towards newer and more exciting IPs being created for Windows devices.

Supported by the Government Regional Growth Fund (RGF), the programme will offer the ten best developers a funding of up to £25,000, giving them an edge over the rest in development of a new game, which will be designed especially for Windows mobile and tablet devices. However, the programme does encourage the companies to push out and release their game across all platforms.

That’s not all though, GreenShoots also includes workshops and business expertise given from Microsoft Ltd. and Creative England, to the developers themselves. In hope that the funding and advice will help all companies involved gain global recognition, as well as a thriving fanbase. Even further incentive includes a loose agreement between the involved businesses which states the money only needs to be paid back once the game begins to make a profit.

Creative England’s Head of Games said “Deeloping GreenShoots with Microsoft is a great way of us working directly with the industry; it also helps the next generation of game developers reach their commercial and creative potential.”

Senior Director of Microsoft UK talked about how “Microsoft is committed to helping the independent games industry in the UK and we’re delighted to be involved with this partnership with Creative England. Greenshoots is just one part of Microsoft’s ongoing support programme to foster new talent.”


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