Mirror’s Edge 2 Trailer Analysis

In 2008, gamers were offered the chance to play a game unlike anything they’d experienced before, instead of your regular run and gun shooter, they were graced with the first ever parkour first-person shooter. It was created by Dice and showed players what it was like to sprint, jump and climb through a white and futuristic seeming city. You play as Faith, one of the “Runners” who are vilified for their activity inside the city, while progressing through the game you find out how bad this sub-culture of free-runners really is and why they do what they do.

Now, five years later. The loyal and loving fans of the first hit have been given evidence to prove their patriotism hasn’t gone unheard. As a few nights ago at E3, EA presented us with a trailer for the sequel: Mirror’s Edge 2.

Although they didn’t elaborate at all, they did show us an amazing trailer which let fans know they haven’t strayed from their original winning formula.

The trailer doesn’t go into too much depth about what situation Faith is in and how she got there, but it does show a lot of action, which is all we can really ask for of a game that was rumoured to be discontinued. The trailer highlights some of the key elements to the game we loved, such as: The combat style, giving us a peek at Faith’s new methods of disarming and attacking. A new type of enemy, who are dressed differently to police and swat in the last game, perhaps they’re part of a different sub-culture or gang? And regular but intricate office complexes that we burst through frequently in the previous game, although these boring offices did serve some purpose; allowing for different routes and paths to be taken and hiding different secrets.

Beside from those key features in the trailer, it’s difficult to piece anything together. We see Faith getting the tattoo she already had in the first game, so perhaps it’s some kind of flashback, hinting to fans that the game will be set before the events of the last game. Although prequels are pretty cliché and over-done in videogames, it would be nice to see how Faith became a “Runner” and how she met all the people in the first games, such as Celeste and Mercury.

There are two other important features that appeared at the very end of the trailer. The first was a view of the city Faith both resides and runs rampant in throughout the last game, although the shot may seem irrelevant and there just to showcase the environment. It hopefully means we will be returning to this pristine city, even if it is just as a prequel.

Lastly, the final words shown on the screen were “Coming… When it’s ready”.  This may not be the answer us fans were looking for, but what did we expect? It’s a great enough result that EA are listening to their fans, even if they have had been hitting a few bad patches. They showed trailers for two beloved and unexpected titles: Mirror’s Edge 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront. Now that fans know these games are way into development, they can sleep soundly and wait for their releases.

Looking into the trailer, you can see the game has progressed very far and may not have long to go until release. But EA’s message at the end, that shows no sign of a release, may be there way of telling us that they don’t know if it’ll be ready in time for the current this generation of consoles, or if it’ll have to wait until the next-gen ones. They may even feel like they don’t want to disappoint fans, by setting an unrealistic release date. It’s better to leave the fans wanting, in my opinion.

If you’re interested in seeing what the Mirror’s Edge 2 trailer looked like, you can check it out below and make up your own mind. Will it be a prequel? Are the “Runners” at threat from a rival gang and which generation of console will the game be released on?


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