Sunset Overdrive Trailer Analysis

Insomniac Games are usually one of Sony’s close friends when it comes to game development, and they have produced many games for their consoles in the past. But unfortunately for gamers, Sunset Overdrive, their newest zombie killing, co-op creation is an Xbox One exclusive. This is pretty strange, as you would have thought that with their previous work with Sony and the recent praise the hardware giants have received, that they may want to stick with them throughout the new generation.

Sunset Overdrive’s trailer was presented at E3 and it looked a treat; it showed a young man running across rooftops and scrambling through the streets in an effort to avoid, but mostly kill, the deadly mutants who were attacking him and his friends. The trailer makes Overdrive out to be a fast-paced zombie game, where your environments such as walls, rooftops and even cables can be used as an advantage for mobility and speed. It also showed off two very unique weapons. A rocket launcher styled gun which instead of rockets, shoots vinyl records. As you can already tell, this causes quite a lot of damage to the mutants, especially their faces. The second weapon was a trusty shotgun; you might say this kind of in-game weapon is over-used and a bit boring, to then see it loaded with some kind of energy drink, which blew the remaining mutants to smithereens.

Most gamers are probably zombie fatigued by now, with the increasingly frequent releases of zombie games throughout the years. I personally don’t see these games as a problem; they’re often quite different to the rest and have practically sculpted their own genre in the gaming and film industry. I see nothing wrong with zombie focused games creeping in a few times a year, under one condition: they innovate in some way, which from the looks of the trailer, Sunset Overdrive seems to do.

The trailer and small amount of news is all that has been shared about Sunset Overdrive so far, it will be available in the next generation of consoles, exclusively to the Xbox One and features plenty of zombie action. Keep your eyes open for news about the game as it’s released.


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