Valve Hardware Theory

Recently I heard a theory on the RoosterTeeth podcast which made me think, it was a wacky idea made by the founder of RoosterTeeth, Burnie Burns. He thought that since Valve (the developers of successful games as Half Life, Team Fortress and Portal) had been making brilliant games, along with brilliant sequels for the past decade, perhaps they could act on this build-up of lack of third instalments and finish these game series in one fell swoop

I, along with Burnie, understand that Valve are working on a “Steam Box” project, which is likely to be their first foray into the realm of video game hardware, therefore I thought this could be a great theory to elaborate on. The idea was simple: Valve releases a video game console, but rather than releasing the titles which are usually distributed in modern times of gaming, they would release the third instalments, to all of their iconic series exclusively on their own console, along with the regular gold that is sold on Steam. Whether the exclusivity would be permanent, or just for a year or so to nudge people towards buying the console, is up to them (as this is just a theory). Either way, I thought that to do so would be a great financial idea, which would be very beneficial as an opportunity, such as: releasing some of the most hotly-anticipated titles in gaming history on one console, does not present

Of course, this is all hypothetical, and merely my take on someone else’s theory. I personally feel this would be a great idea, as I’d buy whichever console they chose to release these titles on, even if it was just to play those exclusive games. Near enough every gamer knows at least one of those titles listed above, as they have helped define a generation of video games. Half Life was and debatably still is, one of the most popular first-person shooters, Team Fortress is one of the most enjoyable experiences a shooter has to offer and Portal redefined puzzle games with an innovative edge. I can’t imagine people not buying the console just to play these games; however looking from someone else’s perspective, particularly someone who has never played a Valve game, they may not want to buy a console solely for this small selection of titles.

That’s where the games’ exclusivity would be seen as unfair to those who are unable to buy consoles here and there.  Despite this, there has been console exclusive content before, such as Viva Pinata, Heavy Rain, Trials HD, and there will be more in the future. Whether or not this is fair to the consumer is generally out of the question, as it is not often the concern of the company releasing such titles.

These were just my musings on a theory that I heard on the internet. I felt it made a good discussion point which hopefully comes true, as it would be great to see a whole set of threequels come into stores at the same time, especially since we’ve been waiting such a long time for these stories to be continued, or even concluded.


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