The Humble Bundle

Possibly the most beneficial set of sales for both the buyer and seller in gaming history is the Humble (Indie) Bundle. The Bundles (along with the sheer generosity they have), started back in May 2010. The first bundle alone let users buy Penumbra: Overture, World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish and Lugaru HD, this was available to purchase for as little as 1 cent, which as most gamers know, is an incredibly low price. Three of the studios involved in the Bundle then gave further incentive and offered the source codes of Penumbra, Gish and Lugaru HD to anyone who donated more than $1, which allowed for modifications and customisation to be made to the three listed games. The bundles have been continuing since, and have maintained the same level of brilliance up until the present day, where they have recently branched off to multiple platforms.

The concept of the Humble Indie Bundle is one of the most altruistic methods of purchasing games that I personally have ever encountered. Although these sets specialise in gaming, the Bundles has also incorporated music, eBooks and several other game or developer-specific sets, which included the Mojam and THQ Bundle. Currently, there have been seven Humble Bundles for Windows, MacOS X and Linux, and five Android Bundles. The Bundles don’t show any signs of slowing down, as they’re running them more frequently (Usually every week) and over a broader range of platforms.

The Bundles are simple, you pay any amount you want, whether it’s 1 dollar, or 1,000 dollars, you are then entitled to codes granting you access to any of the games listed in that specific Bundle. However, there is a great condition; if you pay above the average amount paid by the hundreds of thousands of buyers, then you’re given codes for extra games or content. The average could be as low as 5 dollars, or as high as 20, it really depends on the kindness of the buyer. Another detail that depends on the buyer’s kindness is the second great condition.

All money raised has a chance to go to charity, and when I say chance I don’t mean lucky dip. I mean that you literally get to decide how much of the money you pay goes to charity, game developers or even the Bundle themselves; you get 100% input, so you can feel as guilty or saintly as you choose.

The Bundle has offered over 100 games so far and raised over $10 million, hopefully we’ll be seeing many more Bundles, and raising millions more dollars. I feel like the Bundle is doing a fantastic job, as they’re selling varied games and products for a very low price, while giving the buyers the ability to say exactly how much goes to each party. That’s freedom in purchasing which I haven’t seen given anywhere else, especially in a financial scenario.

Check out the Bundle’s next big set of games at



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